All about Adam

Hi there. I’m Adam.

Welcome to my blog.
I’m guessing that you found me through some article or another that I wrote. Probably through a travel article since that’s what I write the most.
I’ve been a travel writer for a very long time. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it.

I’ve written for magazines large and small. Some of them are out of print now, but there are new ones I write for too. A lot of the magazines have online versions, and I write for those too.
It doesn’t matter what the platform is—print or digital, it doesn’t matter to me. I get to write regardless, and I get readers regardless.
My favorite magazines to write for are Traveler and National Geographic. I do a couple of pieces every year for both.

The last piece I did for National Geographic was on eco resorts. I covered five specific resorts. They were in Costa Rica, Brazil, the Canary Islands, Madagascar, and Indonesia.
That was a sweet job because I got to go to all of those resorts and stay for several days at each one. With my photographer. Who, for that assignment, happened to be a great friend of mine.  It was kind of like an all-expenses-paid vacation with your best friend.
Anyway, that’s what I usually write. Travel stuff. Destination pieces. Human interest articles in some exotic setting or another.

I decided to start this blog to write about other, random stuff. About subjects that no one will ever pay me to write about. About topics that have nothing to do with travels or destinations.
I don’t really want it to turn into a public diary, but if it ends up morphing into that, well, so be it.
I’ve had some health issues lately, and I figure that I might as well start this blog now before I keel over with some disease.

I won’t go into any gory details, but I’ve seen a gastroenterologist a couple of times in the past few months. He founds some things he didn’t like. He’s keeping an eye on those organs that fall under his purview—digestion related, etc—and he’s determined to keep me on the straight and narrow to get me back up to speed.

Anyway, between writing travel articles and visiting the doc for checkups, I intend to keep this blog going.

You can think of it as a look into the daily life of yours truly. I have no doubt you will find it fascinating. (Wink)
OK, well on that note, I will end this intro. I do have paying work to do after all.